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As Eclair Noir came out of the caern, his cell phone signaled him he had unanswered messages. His father had tried to contact him today and the day before.
He tried to return the call but the phone is dead. He try to call another member of the Sept but he received a message signaling that the caller is not available.
He tried to call her mother but she doesn’t know why his father is not answering.
He summons a crow jaggling and ask him to transmit a message but the Jaggling doesn’t come back.
Fearing that something bad had happen, the pack drive to the caern of the Sentinel. Half a hour before arriving, Eclair Noir get a phone call, his mother and his sister are under attack in front of her school. They are fleeing to the manoir. When the pack arrive at the manoir, they are attacked by 3 fomori and banes and Eclair Noir enter a violent wyrm frenzy devouring his opponent. Thankfully, he manage to snap out of it when all fomori are dead. They headed for the safe room…

To be continued.

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The pack was left feet deep in the swamp mud and they were slowly and irremediably drowing. Unable to keep their breath any longer, they started inhaling the mud and to their great surprise, thhey were able to breath and strangely also, they could see even move even if only very slowly. They saw the huge phacochère changing into a human form. Was it a werephacochère ?

Pushing themself toward the surface, they suddently wake up, not in the Duaden Dur but in the forest.

Derniers épisodes

Previous episode
Yarek, the kin brother of Eclair Noir has been accused of trying to rape Dana,a fianna kin, living in the kin village situated in the barn.
He would have followed her as she was taking a midnight bath in the river and jump her.
Yarek version is different, he affirmed that he had followed Dana because of her strange behavior. Why taking a bath in a river situated on the other side of the caern, when there is another river much closer to the village. What was she really doing there ?

Unfortunately for him, Yarek had a definite wyrmish odor on him, reminiscent of rotten blood, there was even strange blood drop around him in the Umbra.
Pending further investigation, he has been imprisoned in one of the kin house.

The pack decided to take a closer look at the river. Arriving on the spot, Eclair noir spotted a dark shadowy fox spirit hiding then rushing away into a dark umbral tunnel.
The theurge decided to follow, leaving his packmate alone in the material world.

Bad idea, the spirit was obviously wyrm tainted and lead the theurge tight in the middle of a trap. Eclair noir was attached by 5 little fox spirit and a frightening death spirit.


Bienvenue sur le journal de la Chronique !

Episode précédent

C’est la guerre froide entre les deux cours féérique.
Invité au marriage d’Aurora, protégée de la reine du printemps Aeolian et de Todd le blanc, dévoué au comte Maxwell, nos courageux garous se retrouve politiquement contraint d’enquêter sur la mort d’Aurora. La jeune fée semble avoir été empoisonnée apres avoir mordu dans une pomme.



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