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Welcome to this new WhiteWolf Chronicle:

“Into the Wyrm’s Guts”


As you may have seen on the banner, I am french speaking but in order to widen the audience of this campaign, I will spend some time translating it into english.

This Obsidian portal campaign has two goals :

1. Allow my players to follow despite the long periods between game sessions.
2. Offer a free, ready to use, campaign for Werewolf the Apocalypse RPG, some thing i was always eager to find but never found.

The Senario will be updated to Werewolf 20. As i write this, the kickstarter has not yet started but the book is still planned for October 2012. Let’s just hope it will fulfill the expectation of the community.

And without further introduction, let’s jump into the story so far :
- Last sessions.
Or peek at the main characters :
- the Heroes.

/// In exclusivity – FATE CORE Conversion of the rules system for Werewolf the Apocalypse (20th Anniversary version). ///

PS : If someone happen to have the time and the will to correct my english, don’t hesitate to propose you competence. I will be much appreciated.

Bienvenue dans cette campagne WhiteWolf :

“Dans les entrailles du Ver”


Le but de chronique sur Obsidian Portal est double.

1. Permettre à mes joueurs de suivre malgré les longues périodes qui séparent chaque scéance.
2. Offrir une campagne clé en main pour quiconque voudrait jouer à Loup-Garou l’Apocaplypse.

Et sans plus attendre, entrons dans le vif du sujet !
Je vous propose de suivre l’histoire :
- Derniere scéance.
Ou de jeter un oeil aux personnages:
- Les héros.
Ou de proposer des Noms de Guerre Garou

/// en exclusivité – la Conversion du systéme de règles de Loup-Garou l’Apocalypse* vers FATE /// CORE (*version 20eme anniversaire)

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